A Trip Down Memory Lane

When I made this blog about a week ago I thought that I’d be lucky if I posted something once a month. However, I have made three (now four) posts in a week. I have enjoyed blogging far more than I had expected to.
I have always enjoyed writing. It is one of my favorite past times and I still turn to it quite frequently. About two years ago I wrote a spoken word/lyrical piece that to this day remains my favorite piece that I have ever written. It holds a lot of meaning and was written at a time where I felt like everyone was against me. Looking back now, my loved ones were just watching out for me. They spent a lot of time giving me their opinions about the situation I was in and all I heard was, “You are wrong and we are all against you.” I know that that is not what they were really saying, but I was stubborn and caught at a crossroad. It took me another year to realize that they were, in fact, right. However, I do find that people like to give their input where it is unwelcome. Throughout my life I have had people who support me and then people that told me my dreams were “stupid” and that I should reconsider. This is just an honest piece declaring that I am my own person and those around me cannot control me.

You tell us to be who we want to be
You scream at us not to conform 
But you won’t take the time to see
Who me

You try to mold me into who
want ME to be.

You tell us to stop hiding away
You continuously try 
To pry
Whatever you can out of me

My lips remain tight
I WANT to put up a fight
You will not win tonight

When I come to you for help
You turn a deaf ear
You ignore the fear
No one wants to listen
To the hurt, the pain I feel
Your solution
To fill my vein
…with chemicals 
Maybe THIS will make her sane  

I am not your puppet.
No more.
I will NOT
….let you control my life.

It is time I take a stand
That you give me my life back
It is time to hand
It back to me

I refuse
To wear these chains
I will not let you abuse
….me anymore

I will run
Run away from you
Because I am done
With this life you created
It is not me
You taught me to be
Who I believed to be
Yet you
You tied my hands behind my back
Made me
Unable to tear the tape
You placed
….across my mouth

I want to speak
For once, hear my voice
I am not weak
I will win
This war
I will watch the handcuffs
Hit the floor
I will tear the tape
And be trapped


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