Love a Little More

I’ve never been a big fan of Valentines Day. Today was no different. Had it not been for the fact that I work in schools, I would have completely forgotten today was a holiday. However, today is about love and not necessarily the “in love” kind of love. It’s about kindness and showing others you … More Love a Little More

Am I Good Enough?

Sometimes it is difficult to remember why we are here. We voluntarily put ourselves in to situations and then once we have a moment to sit back and realize what we have done, we question why. This has been the theme as of late. It has been a roller coaster full of: Am I doing … More Am I Good Enough?

It’s Simple

Every year I look forward to YoungLives camp and every year it exceeds my expectations. It is one week of the year that love shines through no matter what happens. It is the one time that the expectations are simple: to love. Showing love is not always simple. It is difficult to show love when … More It’s Simple


With a blog/website title of “A Storm You Can Weather” how could I not write when the daily prompt was simply the word, storm. I love a good storm, yet they terrify me. I love the roar of thunder and the sound of rain. However, lightning is one of my biggest fears. Why is it … More Storm


The saying, “when one door closes, another opens” seems to be the most commonly used phrase when it comes to decision making or trying to explain why something went wrong. Sometimes a door closes and another one does not open again for a long, long time. Sometimes a door closes and another one simply never … More Journey