ASYCW Sweets

Hello there!
Thank-you for stopping by and allowing your curiosity to guide you to ASYCW Sweets!
Behind the Sweets:
Hi there! My name is Christiana and I am an avid lover of all things sweet. I discovered my love of baking when I was sixteen and have fostered my passion of creating beautiful {and delicious} desserts ever since! I used to think that I was the least creative person on this planet, until I was given my first Wilton frosting bag and a dozen cupcakes as my blank canvas. It was then that I learned that I can be creative and began to understand the significance of having a “creative outlet.” In the beginning, my family members were happy to indulge in the many practice cakes I made (and by many I mean 1-2 cakes a week my junior year of high school); however, after a few dozen cakes and cupcakes and a few pounds gained, my family encouraged me to take my baked goods elsewhere. I began taking them to school and encouraging feedback from my peers and teachers. As I perfected the cake texture and taste, I began to work on decorating. I catered my first wedding at age eighteen which included 300 cupcakes, mini and traditional, and 150 candied branches with leaves that I made in the midst of midterms my freshman year of college. Since then, I have catered three more weddings {two with cakes and one with cupcakes and a cutting cake}, several bridal showers, a few birthdays including a first birthday with a smash cake, and more. I had to take a break from baking for events due to graduating and moving to a new city, but a few years later and I am finally ready to get back at it!
Behind the Name:
I had a hard time coming up with a name for my baking *business* and spent many hours {months} contemplating different names and their meanings. I have a mission, a long term goal for this business and I wanted the name to reflect that. While names with actual Webster dictionary approved words came to mind, none of them seemed right. I continuously came back to ASYCW even though I knew it presented a ? for pronunciation as it is an acronym rather than a word found in the dictionary. Finally, I decided that I would rather have a name with an important meaning that required an explanation than settling for something else.
So…. here it is.
ASYCW (uh-sic-wuh) : A Storm You Can Weather This has been the phrase to get me through countless hard times in my life and has been my life mantra for about ten years now. It all started with a song that then inspired a blog that now inspires me to bring a little bit of sunshine to those who may be stuck under a storm cloud.
My dream for ASYCW Sweets is for each and every dessert to be a little taste of sunshine for every individual that may partake.
My even bigger dream for ASYCW Sweets is for it to bring a little bit of sunshine to those who may never eat an ASYCW sweet by donating 10% of all profits to a charity of my choosing. I would love to one day bring in enough profit to have a charity of the month calendar and to be able to shine light all over the country, and one day world.
Fulfilling this dream is only possible thanks to all of you here taking the time to read my story and hopefully consider ordering an ASYWC sweet to enjoy at your next event {or on your couch in your pjs… this is a judgment free zone}.
I plan to keep my followers and customers updated on what charity we are donating to as you all are as big of a part of this as I am!