All Who Are Weary

I get so caught up in the mundane yet hectic aspects of everyday life that I often times find myself physically, mentally, and emotionally drained at the end of a day. I seem to forget that part of life that includes taking a deep breath and replenishing the energy expelled. There are days where I … More All Who Are Weary


Do you ever think about all of the different ways you could die? This question is not intended to be a morbid one nor is it supposed to be one that raises concern. It is simply a matter of fact question. Do you ever think about your fears and how they correlate? I am terrified … More Drive


Words hurt. Words are taken so lightly and the true impact of them are often times overlooked. We say things without thinking twice and sometimes do not recognize the consequences until it is too late. Words are used every day, all day, to every person we encounter. It may be a simple hello to the … More |Words|+|Grudges|


Determining where you stand in a situation can be so difficult. It is a matter of the head and the heart. The heart wants one things while the mind holds a sense of reason that the heart wants to ignore. Sometimes it is easy to recognize what the heart is saying verses what the mind … More Decipher