Determining where you stand in a situation can be so difficult. It is a matter of the head and the heart. The heart wants one things while the mind holds a sense of reason that the heart wants to ignore. Sometimes it is easy to recognize what the heart is saying verses what the mind is saying. Other times they become so intertwined that knowing which is which becomes a trying task. There are usually valid reasons for the two sending different messages and often times a clear understanding of which one is the right one to listen to.

When the lines are blurred it then becomes emotionally draining and risks the chance of being detrimental to ones state of mind. The simple task of figuring out what to listen to and which path to take, turns into a dreaded to do. Unfortunately, it is a necessary to do.

When both paths lead to a time of hurt and sadness, neither seem appealing. The thought then needs to be which path will be better when the temporary time of hurt passes. Which path will lend the time of hurt to be shorter rather than unnecessarily drag it out. The answer is usually simple and right there, but is it worth it? Is it what you really want? Is it worth it to experience pain for a longer period of time with the possibility of the end result maintaining something you desperately are trying to hold on to? Or is the risk of hurting for an extended period of time only to walk away empty handed enough to throw in the towel early?

Point is, everyone has their internal conflicts and typically everyone on the outside has an opinion of how it should be handled. It doesn’t matter if the ‘outsiders’ are right, everyone has to make a decision based on what they want. That is the only way to actually work through it. If we always did what others told us to do, we would never know if we did it because we believed it to be the right thing or just because we were told that it was. Sometimes you just have to make the wrong choice so that you can learn from your mistakes and learn how to decipher the difference between the head and the heart.



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