Do you ever think about all of the different ways you could die? This question is not intended to be a morbid one nor is it supposed to be one that raises concern. It is simply a matter of fact question. Do you ever think about your fears and how they correlate? I am terrified of lightning, yet when I see lightning I do not think about death, I am just terrified. The ocean is one of my absolute favorite things, but when I am in it I think about how the ocean could very easily kill me. The ocean is not a fear of mine, I do not fear it or the possible ways that it could kill me, but I acknowledge it. There are animals in the ocean that could kill me, such as a shark. The ocean current could pull me out and I could drown. Driving is one of those things that I do out of necessity, but also when I just need time to think. However, every time I get behind the wheel I think about the fact that I am in control of a powerful machine. There are so many things that could go wrong while behind the wheel or even as a passenger. Even though these thoughts cross my mind on a regular basis, they are just thoughts.

Death is all around us and I do not believe it to be abnormal to think about it. I am not a fearful person. In fact, I tend to be more daring then fearful. The thoughts are not debilitating and do not prevent me from doing what I love or simply doing every day things that are necessary for my lifestyle.

However, knowing that the things that I love and my every day actions could easily result in a mishap, it pushes me to think about the life I do have left to live. You never know how long you have. It is impossible to predict and life can be taken as quickly as it is given.

So, the next question is, what drives you? What drives you to live your life the way you do? What mark do you want to leave on the world when you go and how will you ensure that it is left?



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