Beautiful Life

Life is beautiful.

Sometimes I struggle with depression. I find it difficult to always be happy and keep a positive attitude. There is so much pain in the world that sometimes beauty is lost. I am a social worker. I am surrounded by individuals who were dealt some pretty crappy cards. I see people who have everything yet act as if they have nothing and I see people who have nothing and are ungrateful for anything that they are given. We live in a sad world that tends to focus on the bad rather than the good.

In every bit of pain and suffering there is beauty. Behind the tears and the hurt, there is love. People in our world tend to drown in the sorrows of this life. They walk away from the one true beauty that exists. There is a God who cares about us. There is a God who loves us. There is a God who wants us. He WANTS each and every one of us. How incredible is that? Every single person suffers a loss of some sort, whether you lose a loved one to death or break up a relationship. Every one has felt a sense of abandonment. Every one has felt alone. However, no one has to feel that way for ever. God waits for us to turn to Him and hand over our sorrows. He wants to helps carry our burdens. He wants to be there for us so we do not have to feel alone or feel abandoned. There is always going to be pain in this life, but He can help us cope with the pain.

The beauty comes when you trust God. Do not be fooled, it is not easy. He helps you through the storm, but you still have to walk through it. The most amazing thing, the thing that makes it all worth it is when He showers blessings down on you. After walking through pouring rain, He replaces the rain with a rainbow. Every time I begin to think that He has forgotten about me, He reminds me that He has never left my side. It is all about waiting for HIS timing. It is letting go of the MY and replacing it with HIS. My life is HIS. I am HIS daughter.

Just imagine the beautiful rainbow that comes at the end of a storm.



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