There are days that I am just so darn exhausted that the idea of even just thinking makes me want to cry. I sometimes wonder how I made it through college as a full time (plus extra credits) student, working part time, babysitting, interning, and volunteering all the while maintaining friendships with consistent social interactions….

All Who Are Weary

I get so caught up in the mundane yet hectic aspects of everyday life that I often times find myself physically, mentally, and emotionally drained at the end of a day. I seem to forget that part of life that includes taking a deep breath and replenishing the energy expelled. There are days where I…

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Lately, I have been on a blogging strike. Just kidding. The last several weeks have been kind of a blur. Normally, my days are jam packed from the time I wake up until nine or ten at night. Things are starting to change and I have had a lot more free time as of late….