There are days that I am just so darn exhausted that the idea of even just thinking makes me want to cry. I sometimes wonder how I made it through college as a full time (plus extra credits) student, working part time, babysitting, interning, and volunteering all the while maintaining friendships with consistent social interactions. … More Margin


With a blog/website title of “A Storm You Can Weather” how could I not write when the daily prompt was simply the word, storm. I love a good storm, yet they terrify me. I love the roar of thunder and the sound of rain. However, lightning is one of my biggest fears. Why is it … More Storm


Words hurt. Words are taken so lightly and the true impact of them are often times overlooked. We say things without thinking twice and sometimes do not recognize the consequences until it is too late. Words are used every day, all day, to every person we encounter. It may be a simple hello to the … More |Words|+|Grudges|