4 planes 19 trains 9 buses 5 boats 6 cars 95 miles on foot Day 1: 4/30/16 4mi We boarded our airplane at 10:30. The plane was set to take off at 11:05. The row held four seats, we got the two middle seats. We settled in for our nine hour flight. Day 2: 5/1/16 … More Italia


Do you ever think about all of the different ways you could die? This question is not intended to be a morbid one nor is it supposed to be one that raises concern. It is simply a matter of fact question. Do you ever think about your fears and how they correlate? I am terrified … More Drive


With a blog/website title of “A Storm You Can Weather” how could I not write when the daily prompt was simply the word, storm. I love a good storm, yet they terrify me. I love the roar of thunder and the sound of rain. However, lightning is one of my biggest fears. Why is it … More Storm


The saying, “when one door closes, another opens” seems to be the most commonly used phrase when it comes to decision making or trying to explain why something went wrong. Sometimes a door closes and another one does not open again for a long, long time. Sometimes a door closes and another one simply never … More Journey


They are everywhere. We layer ourselves. There is a depth to our personalities, our emotions, and our likes and dislikes that form layers that others can peel back as they get to know us. Sometimes as another gets to know you, they discover another layer that you were not aware of. We are constantly changing … More Layers